An epicenter for bibliophiles. They'll definitely return to this museum residence of this 19th century collector lord Van Westreenen. For all medieval handwritten books, and fine examples of early printing techniques. Or for one of the temprorary exhibitions about modern book art and typography.

Prinsessegracht 30, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 462 700
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Het Binnenhof

The Binnenhof, is a complex of buildings in The Hague. It has been the location of meetings of the Staten-Generaal, the Dutch parliament, since 1446, and has been the centre of Dutch politics for many centuries.

Binnenhof 8a, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 646 144
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Drievliet is a theme park for young visitors. The park has many attractions like the Formula X roller coaster, the hayloft, the Jungle River, the copper mine, the Jungle show, bumper cars, carousel, an arcade and a toddler playground. Big and small can enjoy one of the four roller coasters, such as the spinning Twistrix roller coaster. In the "Lol Atol" area ...

Laan van 's-Gravenmade, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 999 305
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The Hague Tower: The View

Scale the heights of the Hague with access to the Hague Tower - Holland's highest public area. See the city and its surroundings in bloom, follow the shoreline up to the Hook of Holland and take the 40-second ride up in the Panorama Elevator! Plus, get a drink and bitterballen at the top. Ride the 40-second elevator up! It's a Panorama Elevator which makes it even more apparent that you're ...

ticketBook tickets online Rijswijkseplein 786, Den Haag
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For 60 years now, Keukenhof has been the most beautiful place in the world, where spring bursts out in all of its colourful majesty. Here you can find inspiration and relaxation in a magnificent park environment. In addition to the millions of blooming flower bulbs and fantastic flower shows, Keukenhof has the largest sculpture garden in the Netherlands and is the most photographed ...

ticketBook tickets online Stationsweg 166a, Lisse
tel. +31 252 465 555
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Naturalis (National Museum of Natural History) presents a museum full of nature. Among fossils dating back millions of years are two dinosaurs, a 9-meter long mosasaurus, an ancient horse and a mammoth. Exhibited apes, beasts of prey, butterflies, beetles, fish, birds, plants, minerals and rocks display the amazing variety of nature. In the “'Kijkje Aarde” (A Look at Earth) action ...

Darwinweg 2, Leiden
tel. +31 715 687 600
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Stalhouderij het Fjordenpaard

tel. +31 651 382 833
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Hart Beach Quiksilver

Strandweg 3b, Scheveningen
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Golfbaan Leeuwenbergh

Elzenlaan 31, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 991 096
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Beleving aan zee

Strand, Scheveningen
tel. +31 702 210 359
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Manege Wittebrug

St. Hubertusweg 21, Den Haag
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Aloha surf

Strandweg 2a, Scheveningen
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Haagsche Countryclub Groengeel

Groenendaal 3, Wassenaar
tel. +31 705 179 371
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Sauna Blue River

Valkenboslaan 181, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 646 407
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Du Nord Rijwielen

Keizerstraat 27, Scheveningen
tel. +31 703 554 060
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