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Dogs on the beaches of Scheveningen

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User Lotte
Wednesday 7 February 2007

Are dogs allowed on the beaches of Scheveningen?

User Floris (Employee)
Sunday 19 June 2016

On the main beach of Scheveningen are all dogs the whole day prohibited during the period 15 May till 1 October. Dogs can freely walk around at the following spots:
a. Noorderstrand 34 (Zwarte pad): At the end of this beach you can let your dog run lose the entire day and evening.
b. Southern beach 2 (next to Kijkduin); From Kijkduinpark until Monster. Between the kwartel laan and the Duiveland street.

Dogs are allowed on the beaches of Scheveningen the whole day in the period 1 October to 15 May.

Please read the information boards carefully, which are placed at each beach (entrance).

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