Scheveningen, Royal versatile


Scheveningen is the most popular seaside resort of the Netherlands. Of course there is the wide beach and the cosy boulevard, but the bathing place also has a range of attractions and museums. For example the Casino, the Circus Theatre, a mega cinema, the renewed pier and an indoor mall. Shortly, whoever wants to do something else than bathing in the sun won’t get bored.


The bathing place is known for its imposing Kurhaus and the beach, but there is much more to do in this cosy seaside resort. There are multiple museums and places of interest, culture catching certainly belongs to the possibilities. If you like nice food you will greatly enjoy Scheveningen as well, there are multiple restaurants to find, including a lot of fish restaurants.



Scheveningen is without any doubt the most popular bathing place of the Netherlands. Scheveningen offers a magnificent long sand beach. The sand is loved by a lot of people during summer and winter. It is a place where sun lovers, water sportsmen, nature lovers and for people who like partying and relaxing come together. The bathing place has a wide boulevard straight along the beach and a founded Pier with diverse facilities. There are lots of beach pavilions and terraces.

Would you like a spectacular view of the sea? Just take a walk on the Pier. On your way you walk along a lot of stores. When you’re looking for some rest it’s a good idea to walk north to the Zwarte Pad. Planks are placed on the beach here to make it easy for wheelchairs and perambulators to go on the beach. Would you like to go surfing, horse riding or kite flying? Scheveningen is the right place for you.

The wide sand beach of Scheveningen is 3 km long and is located right before the boulevard, between the harbour dam and the Pier. This area of the beach is the Noorderstrand (Northern Beach), which is always full of people during summer days. If you’re looking for some more rest it’s a better idea to go lay on the Zuidstrand (Southern Beach), planks are placed on the beach here to make it easy for wheelchairs and perambulators to go on the beach as well. If you would like to do something else than laying in the sun like blokarting, surfing or kite flying, Scheveningen is the place to be.



Scheveningen is the extension of the city The Hague and offers you everything for the ultimate beach experience. The wide sand beaches, the atmospheric boulevard, the beautiful Kurhaus and the well-known Pier of Scheveningen form the landmarks of this seaside resort. Right next to the beach is a wide walking promenade with stores and catering. Combine a day at the beach with a cosy evening out in one of the many well-known amusement facilities like the Circus Theatre and Crazy Piano’s. there are a lot of events, like the International Festival of Fireworks. Scheveningen offers daily pleasure for the young and the old.

In Scheveningen you will find interesting and amusing places of interest. Besides the attractions and stores directly at the boulevard, there are things to see of Schevening in the old days. For seeing this, you go to the south side of the boulevard. Here, you can still see some old fishermen’s homes and the old church, the oldest monument of Scheveningen. The nearby located The Hague offers you a lot of places of interest.



A lovely weekend of enjoyment in Scheveningen, the seaside resort where there is always something to do. Pleasantly laying at the beach, walking along the boulevard, shopping in one of the many stores. A lot of attractions and museums make the bathing place an attraction for the young and for the old.

Tasting culture is well possible in Scheveningen, this seaside resort offers you different museums. They let you meet the sea life and art statues, from the past and recent. At the boulevard, you will find Sea Life, here you can discover the underwater world of the North Sea in a big aquarium. Furthermore there are some museums. Museum Scheveningen takes you back into time and offers you the possibility to climb the lighthouse. A highlight is the Panorama Mesdag, it offers you an image of Scheveningen as it was in 1880. Do you prefer modernity? Visit one of the world’s most beautiful statue gardens: Beelden aan Zee in the dunes. During your stay at Scheveningen you can, of course, also easily visit all the museums and monuments of The Hague.