Food and Beverages


In Scheveningen, you can choose from over 130 different restaurants. You will find the largest concentration of restaurants at near the Pier and the esplanade: Strandweg.


Clearly you can eat excellent seafood everywhere in Scheveningen, catch-fresh because fresh fish are landed in the port of Scheveningen and sold immediately. The tastiest fish, you eat in the harbor. The port is known for its excellent variety of restaurants, bistros and terraces overlooking the water.

Koffie Drinken, algemeen

But the restaurants in Scheveningen represent a broad range of cuisines. From classic Dutch to French, Greek, Argentinian, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, ect. you name it. Also in the historic village of Scheveningen you will find cozy restaurants where you can eat and drink.


Restaurant Horeca

For many people it is one of the greatest luxuries: not having to cook. With the holiday feeling fit it also nice to sit down in a pancake house, a restaurant or a cafe. will be no problem to the eating place of your choice to find, because we are rich with restaurants for every budget and every kind.

Most restaurants are open in the morning and breakfast is served in many hotels and other food outlets until 10:00. The Dutch usually eat lunch between 12:00 and 14:00 and dinner around 17:00 to 20:00. Although many restaurants close at 22:00, there is a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and bars that continue to serve selected hot and cold dishes and snacks.

For a list with information and opening hours of each restaurant , we refer to the websites: and/or

Beach Pavilions

The beach of Scheveningen is summer and winter an experience. On the sandy beach of There are several pavilions. You can go here for a little something to eat, drink. Whether you are awarded your day at the beach with a meal while the sun's last light on the now deserted beach shine.

Some also sell beach stuff for children as kites. Toilets are available to everyone staying on the beach. Often, too hiring instead of beach huts, beach chairs, windbreaks, etc. The beach pavilions into the summer a volley down.

Even in winter, especially on weekends, nowadays a number of pavilions open. Wonderful for a brisk walk through storms, rain and wind, along the roaring sea. You can then from behind the glass as the rough sea to watch. And you can while enjoying a glass, a cup of coffee or tea the fatigues of the distance traveled hiking route from your lower legs.

Cafes and terraces

Thirsty after a hot day? Tired of a trip? Or just fancy a drink? Does not. Throughout the day you can be whatever you want good drinks, soda, beer, cocktails, etc.

Ironing just down on one of the many terrace cafes or in the center of Scheveningen. Enjoying the sun, or in the shade or out of the wind. Or opt for a while out. Enjoyed at the bar or around the table. With friends or just to meet other people and make new friends. Enjoy the atmosphere and the charm and pamper yourself into the wee hours. Thirsty or not thirsty!


Nightlife Scheveningen

There is plenty to do in terms of entertainment In Scheveningen year round. In the summer time there are various beach parties, and in winter you can go to the many cafes on the promenade. One we can truly recommend is Crazy Pianos. Great music and live entertainment invites you there to come get a drink. Scheveningen has more to offer than you think. Also the city center of The Hague has great bars, discos and cafes.

The Hague

If you walk from the train station of The Hague to the city center you end up at the Plein. It's a square filled with terraces and cozy cafes. You can go to many of the bars until 2 am.

Behind the Plein you will arrive at the Buitenhof. Overlooking the Binnenhof, it's a great way to start your evening. And if you're looking for music and dance then you can walk to one of the other streets to enjoy a great night out in no time.

At the other end of the shopping street lies the Grote Markt. You can find many cafes near the Grote Markt. On a terrace you can get some sun in the summer, but also inside the cafes you can grab a bite to eat. Around the corner of the Grote Markt is the Paard van Troje. This is the music stage of The Hague. Often large parties are held here. From DJs to international artists, it can all be found at Het Paard van Troje.

In the hofkwartier of The Hague are the Papestraat, Noordeinde and the Oude Molstraat and are all literally filled with night life possibilities, also in the surrounding streets you can find nightlife to your heart's content. If you want to grab a drink with your friends than your at the right place.