Scheveningen has one of the most famous beaches in the Netherlands and the only true city beach in Zuid-Holland. The beach of Scheveningen is about 4.5 kilometres long and 110 meters wide on average. Stretching from the Westduinpark nature reserve in the southwest to the Oostduinpark in the northeast. It is located northeast of Kijkduin and southwest of Katwijk. The beaches are located on the northwest, on the North Sea.

Pier Scheveningen

Many Dutch, as well as foreign, tourists visit this charming coastal town, which is inextricably linked to the beach, the North Sea and the dunes. The most popular and busiest beach is the Noorderstrand at De Pier, and in front of the Kurhaus. On sunny summer days it can be very crowded here. This is partly due to the many beach pavilions and popular boulevard. On the Zuiderstrand, on the other side of the harbor, there is plenty of space all year round.

The beaches of have won already several major awards. In 2023 the beach received the international 'Blue Flag' environmental award for the 13th time. It guarantees high quality of bathing water and a well kept clean beach.

Four areas

The beach town has several beaches for you to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. The beach can be divided into four areas: Zwarte Pad, Noorderstrand, Zuiderstrand and Kijkduin.

Noorderstrand (North beach)


The wide-open beach of Scheveningen is more than two kilometers long and is located right in front of the boulevard, between the harbor dam and the famous Pier. This so-called Noorderstrand is mainly visited by tourists in the summer, but locals also like to drop by. It is ideal for sun lovers who like to have a good time. The 2.5 km long boulevard of Scheveningen has many nice restaurants, terraces and beach pavilions with a beautiful view of the sea and the Ferris wheel. The beach pavilions are constructed at the beginning of March. They remain open until the beginning of October.

The beach area near the harbor dam is a bit more quiet and therefore a great spot to visit with children. This southern part of the boulevard has room for sports such as surfing and beach volleyball. There are several permanent beach pavilions and surfing schools, where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, even in the winter months. In addition, there are several delicious seafood restaurants at the port of Scheveningen.

Zuiderstrand (South beach)


The Zuiderstrand is located north of Kijkduin and south of the port of Scheveningen. It is one of the most beautiful parts of The Hague. Among locals it is also known as the quiet beach. It is the quiet - 'secret' - alternative between Scheveningen and Kijkduin, directly behind the dunes, perfect for anyone who loves wide open spaces. You will mainly see locals here, as well as some tourists , the ones who know how to find this place that is.



The beach of Kijkduin is a lot quieter than the Noorderstrand of Scheveningen and that's great for anyone who's not a fan of big crowds. But not only the beach of Kijkduin is lovely, behind it you can find a beautiful dune area for walking. The top of the dunes sport a great track for cycling or running, with a view out to the sea!

Zwarte Pad Strand (Black Path Beach)

Zwarte Pad Strand

North of the Pier lies the Zwarte Pad Strand. Less touristy than the beach directly in front of the Kurhaus, but this is the place where most of the beach parties are held in summer. If you fancy a little party, you've come to the right place. But there's also ample space for you to relax and enjoy a glass of rosé or prosecco on a trendy lounge couch here. It's always nice to sunbathe at one of the many beach pavilions.

The beaches, with showers to rinse of the salt seawater, will be cleaned everyday. Besides the rescue brigade will guard the beaches and warns when there is a dangerous current or wind; a pleasant and safe feeling.


A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of will offer you peace and quietness. Optimum facilities will tribute to the comfort and with that the holiday pleasure of the guests. It starts with accessible beach crossings and parking places. Then there are the lifeguards and the rescue brigade whom watch over the well being of the guests, with a First aid post nearby. Furthermore the many cafes, terraces and restaurants near the beach will take care of the needs for serving drinks and snacks or lunch and diner.

The Scheveningen beach lifeguards are present at weekends and daily during school vacations in the months of June, July and August.

Orientation poles


During the summer season, several orientation poles are located on the main beaches of Scheveningen. They are a landmark for children on the beach. Each beach orientation pole has a clearly different figure at the top. For children it is easier to make their own way back to the rest of the family, even on a beach full of people. Moreover, it is easier to bring a lost child back to the family.

Beach Scheveningen

Flags and Their Meanings

On the beaches of Scheveningen, you will find various information signs and beach flags to inform and warn swimmers, water sports enthusiasts, and other beachgoers about the risks associated with swimming in the sea. Below you will find the meanings of these flags:

Pay attention to these flags and always follow the instructions of the lifeguards for your safety and the safety of others on the beach.

Beach Scheveningen

Dogs at the beach

The beach is the ideal destination for many dogs to enjoy. A Frisbee, a stick or a ball can fetch give great pleasure. And what is more fun than making a beach walk with your dog? However, on various beaches are dogs, loose or on a leash, not allowed all year.

Further, we also recommend reading the information board, with the local beach rules, which is often placed near every beach (entrance).

Nearest beach for dogs at Scheveningen

honden toegestaanDogs are allowed all year from beach Noorderstrand 34 in the direction Katwijk.

Beach tips