Strand Scheveningen

The wide sandy beach of Scheveningen is over three kilometers long and is situated in front of the promenade between the jetty and the famous pier. This is the North Beach, which can be quite full on peak days. Just along the beach there’s a wide pedestrian promenade with shops, pubs and restaurants. In the summer season (April to September) there are over fifty pavilions. On the South Beach, on the other side of the harbor, you find more peace.

Strand Scheveningen

The beaches of Scheveningen have won already several major awards. In 2014, the beach received (each year without interruption since 2013) the International ‘Blue Flag’ environmental award again. It guarantees high quality of bathing water and a well kept clean beach.

Strand Scheveningen

A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of Scheveningen will offer you peace and quietness. The beaches, with showers to rinse of the salt seawater, will be cleaned everyday. Besides the rescue brigade will guard the beaches and warns when there is a dangerous current or wind; a pleasant and safe feeling.


Strand Scheveningen

The Scheveningen beach lifeguards are present at weekends and daily during school vacations in the months of June, July and August.

A sunbath or a walk along the beach, playing fun or water sports. The very well maintained, white beaches of Scheveningen will offer you peace and quietness. Optimum facilities will tribute to the comfort and with that the holiday pleasure of the guests. It starts with accessible beach crossings and parking places. Then there are the lifeguards and the rescue brigade whom watch over the well being of the guests, with a First aid post nearby. Furthermore the many cafes, terraces and restaurants near the beach will take care of the needs for serving drinks and snacks or lunch and diner.


On the beaches you will find flags and signs with instructions for swimming. It is wise to take account of these signals. They are there for you!

Guarded beach zone
Child found
Dangerous sea
Watersports allowed
Swimming prohibited
Floating Bodies prohibited

Dogs at the beach

The beaches of Scheveningen be an attractive environment for recreation, for both humans and dogs. And what could be better than a walk on the beach with your dog. In the summer season, dogs, either loose or on a leash, not on all the beaches of the Belgian coast welcome.

On the main beach of Scheveningen are all dogs the whole day prohibited during the period 15 May till 1 October. Dogs can freely walk around at the following spots:
a. Noorderstrand 34 (Zwarte pad): At the end of this beach you can let your dog run lose the entire day and evening.
b. Southern beach 2 (next to Kijkduin); From Kijkduinpark until Monster. Between the kwartel laan and the Duiveland street.

Dogs are allowed on the beaches of Scheveningen the whole day in the period 1 October to 15 May.

Please read the information boards carefully, which are placed at each beach (entrance).

Beaches of Scheveningen

Below is an overview of the beaches of Scheveningen

Strand Scheveningen

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