Ice Rink in Scheveningen 2024


Experience the charm of the winter season in Scheveningen, set against the iconic backdrop of the Kurhaus hotel. The heart of the Netherlands' most famous seaside resort is transformed into a dazzling Ice Rink, where both young and old can showcase their skating skills.

Scheveningen's Winter Wonderland

Though Scheveningen is best known for its summer beaches, the resort truly comes alive in winter. For six weeks, the bustling epicentre of the town becomes an ice paradise. Twinkling lights, the sound of sharp skates on smooth ice, and the aroma of hot chocolate and freshly baked waffles fill the air.

An Experience for Everyone

Whether you're an experienced skater or stepping onto the ice for the first time, the rink in front of the Kurhaus offers fun for all skill levels. Come with friends, family, or a loved one and create unforgettable winter memories in picturesque Scheveningen.

Don your winter hat, lace up your skates, and join the many visitors experiencing the ultimate winter sensation in Scheveningen!




Kurhausplein, Scheveningen