The Hague

Den Haag

The Hague is one of the most special cities in The Netherlands. Not only because the Dutch government is settled there, but also because of the many monuments, historical neighborhoods and the coastal situation. The Hague is also known as ‘the city of peace and justice’ and is being called residential city, because of the many members of the Royal Family who live in the fancy The Hague.

Den Haag

A real indulgence is the beach of Scheveningen, the most famous bathing place on the Dutch coast, where you can sunbath in the summer, and have great walks in winter. You haven’t seen Holland unless you have seen The Hague!


Den Haag

The museums in The Hague have a very special art collection. Two of the most famous museums of the Netherlands are established in The Hague, the Mauritshuis and the Gemeentemuseum. Both of the museums host an impressive art collection. In the Maurithuis you will find ‘The girl with the pearl' and many other works from old  masters. The Gemeentemuseum The Hague is an authority in the area of art and fashion. The museum hosts the world's biggest collection of Mondriaan, with, among others, the famous piece Victory Boogie Woogie. Furthermore it has one of the world's best fashion collections.

Den Haag

When you’re staying in The Hague you can choose to go to the Scheveningen beach, the amusement park Duinrell, Drievliet or Madurodam. Here you can admire The Netherlands in small. With attractions like Madurodam and the Omniversum, The Hague is a nice place for young people as well.


Next to that The Hague also offers a lot of arts and culture on a world level. If you walk around The Hague, you will notice how many historical buildings and sights you will encounter. There are different walks which will lead you past the palaces and other historical buildings of the Judicial capital. A tour of the Binnenhof courtyard is also highly recommended. It will allow you to unveil the political secrets of The Hague.


The array of shops is just as varied as the city itself; you will find luxurious warehouses and world famous brands, but also cozy narrow streets with boutiques and trinket shops. The Hague has a lot to offer if it comes to shopping. There are many fashion and shoe stores for every budget, from exclusive haute couture to big well-known brands to contemporary design shops. You will always find something suitable in The Hague, whether it is at the ‘Haagsche Bluf’ or in the fancy Denneweg. And if you want to go shopping on a rainy day, you will find many roofed in possibilities. At the Square and the Grote Markt you will find many sociable catering facilities and terraces, where it’s busy every day of the week.


Finally, The Hague proves that a modern skyline and a historical inner city can go well together. Because of the (political) history of The Hague, there are many historical buildings, palaces, squares and parks in the city. The beach of Scheveningen has its own unique character with two very important eye catchers; the Pier of Scheveningen and the Kurhaus.