Top 10 tips for Scheveningen

The beach is of course the most popular attraction of Scheveningen. From young to old, everybody daily enjoys the sun by the sea or a breath of fresh air on the beach.

However, Scheveningen has so much more to offer. Below is our overview of the best, most interesting and beautiful sights, museums and attractions. There are plenty of alternative daytime activities for every wallet.

Top 10 Scheveningen



For 60 years now, Keukenhof has been the most beautiful place in the world, where spring bursts out in all of its colourful majesty. Here you can find inspiration and relaxation in a magnificent park environment. In addition to the millions of blooming flower bulbs and fantastic flower shows, Keukenhof has the largest sculpture ...

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    Stationsweg 166a, Lisse
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    The Mauritshuis houses the Royal Cabinet of Paintings and is a museum in The Hague, with mostly paintings from the Golden Age. There are also some masterpieces from the 18th century. The now privatized and relatively small museum has a world famous collection totaling 800 paintings, which come well into ...

      Korte Vijverberg 8, Den Haag
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      3Louwman Museum

      Louwman Museum

      Steer your way to this purpose-built museum in the Hague and discover the ride of your life (or at least the one you wish you had!) There are over 250 amazing antique cars in The Louwman Museum, all collected by two generations of the car-crazy Louwman family. A must-see for car lovers, The Louwman Museum in the Hague will ...

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        Leidsestraatweg 57, Den Haag
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        4Art Museum The Hague

        Art Museum The Hague

        The collection of Modern Art of the Municipal Museum offers an overview of Dutch art since the beginning of the 19th century, complemented with quintessential examples of art which developed in other countries in that same period. Collection cores are: The Hague School, the Symbolism around 1900, the artists around ...

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          Stadhouderslaan 41, Den Haag
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          5Escher in Het Paleis

          Escher in Het Paleis

          Napoleon used to spent the night here, but today Palace Lange Voorhout is renamed as Museum Escher in 'Het Paleis'. Let yourself be fooled by attractions such as a ...

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            Lange Voorhout 74, Den Haag
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            6Holland Casino Scheveningen

            Holland Casino Scheveningen

            Holland Casino Scheveningen is one of twelve Holland Casino locations, the only legal casinos in the Netherlands. Holland Casino in ...

              Kurhausweg 1, Scheveningen
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              Naturalis (National Museum of Natural History) presents a museum full of nature. Among fossils dating back millions of years are two dinosaurs, a 9-meter long mosasaurus, an ancient horse ...

                Darwinweg 2, Leiden
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                The exhibitions and activities in the Museon are about mankind and the world. How was planet earth created, when did the dinosaurs roam the earth, what did the first humans look like, ...

                  Stadhouderslaan 37, Den Haag
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                  9Sea Life Scheveningen

                  Sea Life Scheveningen

                  During your visit to the seaside resort of Scheveningen you can not leave out a visit to Sea Life ...

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                    Strandweg 13, Den Haag
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                    10Ferris wheel

                    Ferris wheel

                    A visit to the Skyview Pier definitely needs to be a part of a visit to Scheveningen and the Pier. The more ...

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                      Strandweg 150, Scheveningen
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