Go Fast - RIB Experience

Feel the rush of a lifetime with Go Fast Scheveningen. Board a boat that can reach an amazing 100 km/h, made to maneuver across the ocean with seamless ease. The expert crew will give you a safety briefing, a life vest, and an adventure you won't want to forget anytime soon. - Enjoy an aquatic adventure with some extra kick as you skim ...

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Doctor Lelykade 24, Den Haag
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Beginner's Surfing Lesson

This fun, 2-hour beginner surf lesson in Scheveningen lets you experience the excitement of catching your first wave. All instructors are certified and can't wait to teach you the basics of this amazing sport. If you've always wanted to try surfing but never have, this 2-hour beginner's lesson is the way to go! Gain an introduction to the ...

Tiki Pool

The Tiki Pool is more than just a tropical paradise. Eleven unique slides make Tiki Pool the largest indoor waterslide paradise in the Benelux! From the violent Typhoon to the tranquility of the Lazy River. Everyone will have fun on the many slides and water attractions of the Tiki Pool. The X-stream is closed until further notice. Imagine all ...

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Duinrell 1, Wassenaar
tel. +31 705 155 255
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The Hague Highlight Bike Tour

Cycle along the ancient routes of The Hague and discover the highlights of the third largest city in Holland! On this tour you will pass through the different neighbourhoods that enrich the city. In each neighbourhood, you’ll hear anecdotes, stories and fun facts about Dutch history. “De chique”, “De Kauwe Kak”, “Volksbuurten” and "Scheveningen” are ...

Beleving aan zee

Strand, Scheveningen
tel. +31 702 210 359
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Fietsverhuur Scheveningen

Noordeinde 59, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 265 790

Ockenburgh Golfclub

Wyndaelerweg 125, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 258 904
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Strandweg, Scheveningen
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Haagsche Countryclub Groengeel

Groenendaal 3, Wassenaar
tel. +31 705 179 371
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Hart Beach Quiksilver

Strandweg 3b, Scheveningen
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Aloha surf

Strandweg 2a, Scheveningen
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Verhuur Scheveningen

Badhuisstraat 118, Scheveningen
tel. +31 703 540 059
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Totzo! fietstours

Noordeinde 59, Den Haag
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Du Nord Rijwielen

Keizerstraat 27, Scheveningen
tel. +31 703 554 060
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Manege Wittebrug

St. Hubertusweg 21, Den Haag
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