Scheveningse Dag 2025

Step into the time machine and experience the charm of old Scheveningen during the annual 'Scheveningse Day'. Organised by Muzee Scheveningen, this event has grown into an unmissable tradition that annually attracts both locals and visitors from afar.

A Historical Journey

Within the walls of Muzee, the past of Scheveningen comes alive on this special day. Guests are greeted by individuals in traditional Scheveningse attire, proudly representing the region's rich history. Each outfit, meticulously detailed, tells its own tale about the culture and life of the Scheveningse community in bygone eras.

Crafts of Yesteryear

Marvel at craftsmen at work, passionately and precisely demonstrating age-old techniques. From artistic cloth knotting and threading to traditional hat folding and net mending; each demonstration offers a unique insight into the skills once vital to the Scheveningse community. The art of rope splicing, a craft in its own right, is a must-see, where rope is traditionally crafted and treated.

Connection with the Community

The Scheveningse Day is not only a tribute to the past but also a celebration of the present community and its connection to its roots. It's a day when young and old come together, share stories, and celebrate the unique culture and traditions of Scheveningen.

Let yourself be captivated by the allure of bygone times, discover ancient crafts, and reconnect with the rich history of Scheveningen. The Scheveningse Day at Muzee promises to be an unforgettable experience for anyone wishing to experience the magic of old Scheveningen!