Arrival of Saint Nicholas 2024

eventsEnd of November

In mid-November, Scheveningen's harbour transforms into a sea of excitement and anticipation as Saint Nicholas sets foot on land. With the salty sea air as a backdrop, the Arrival of Saint Nicholas in Scheveningen is an event filled with tradition and joy. Children and adults gather along the quay, their eyes filled with wonder and their hands ready to wave at the saint and his cheerful entourage.

Bustling Festivities Along the Route

Beyond the main spectacle of Saint Nicholas and his helpers, there are numerous activities and entertainment to enjoy along the route. Music, dance, and local treats create a festive atmosphere unique to Scheveningen.

Practical Tips

Due to the event's immense popularity and the thousands of visitors flocking to the shoreline, it's recommended to leave the car at home. Bicycles and public transport are excellent alternatives to smoothly and easily get to the harbour and fully enjoy this special day.

So, put on your warmest coat, bring your family and friends, and experience the magic of the Saint Nicholas parade in the picturesque Scheveningen!

What time / Opening hours

From 10:30 hours.


2e Haven van Scheveningen