Escher in Het Paleis - Museum

Napoleon used to spent the night here, but today Palace Lange Voorhout is renamed as Museum Escher in 'Het Paleis'. Let yourself be fooled by attractions such as a waterfall, where the water seems to flow up, and Day and Night; where birds sprout from the Dutch meadows. In a virtual reality program, you really won't believe your eyes! Put on your sound and vision glasses, and you'll be walking and flying through Escher's work. In Escher's room the visitors will be conjuring tricks, just like the artist himself, with proportions. Also note the extraordinary chandeliers by Hans van Bentem which has a shape of a bird, a sea horse and a spider.

Furthermore Escher in Het Paleis is near the following sights: Meermanno (±225 m), Mauritshuis (±300 m), Het Binnenhof (±450 m), Prison Gate (±500 m) & The Hague Highlight Bike Tour (±700 m).

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