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If you can't stop looking at your mobile phone you might be addicted to communication. But you're not alone. The Hague's COMM Museum voor communicatie invites you to explore the benefits and dangers of modern-day communication via interactive exhibits, talks, exhibitions!

Want to know what your life would be like without the internet? Even if the answer is no, the enlightening COMM (Museum for Communication) invites you to explore the impact of communication on yourself, and on the environment.

Step into De Bubbel and find out how much 'communication' we're blasted with every day! You'll be shocked at how you feel when it's reduced to none at all.

Find out why messages that took months to reach ships en route to Indonesia could make or break a journey. Discover the importance of communication tools in your daily life, and unveil your unique 'digital print'.

Take a look at the future of communication and then slowly make your way back into the overwhelmingly communicative modern world.

Furthermore Museum voor communicatie is near the following sights: Panorama Mesdag (±100 m), Mesdag Collectie (±250 m), Escher in Het Paleis (±900 m), The Hague: Guided Sightseeing Tour by Bicycle (±900 m) & Prison Gate (±950 m).

For information:

Zeestraat 82, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 307 500 
web. More information