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Dive into the rich maritime history of Scheveningen at Muzee, a museum entirely dedicated to the life of the sea and the history of this famous Dutch seaside resort.

What can you expect at Muzee in Scheveningen?

An Enriching Experience at Muzee

Muzee is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the sea, fishing, and the cultural history of Scheveningen.

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Whether you're a lover of the sea, interested in local history, or looking for an educational experience for the whole family, Muzee offers a deep dive into maritime life.

Discover the heritage of Scheveningen and the beauty of the sea at Muzee!

Furthermore Muzee Scheveningen is near the following sights: Circustheater (±250 m), Museum Beelden aan Zee (±400 m), Holland Casino Scheveningen (±450 m), Cinema Pathé Scheveningen (±450 m) & LEGOLAND Discovery Center (±500 m).

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Neptunusstraat 90-92, Scheveningen
tel. +31 703 500 830 
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