Prison Oranjehotel World War II - Sight

Prison Oranjehotel World War II - 1

The Oranjehotel in The Hague is a place of national historical significance. During World War II, this former prison complex served as a detention center for Dutch resistance fighters. Today, it is known as a poignant memorial and educational center.

What can you expect at the Oranjehotel?

Experience the profound history of Dutch resistance

A visit to the Oranjehotel is a profound experience that provides insight into the courage and resistance of Dutch citizens during the darkest days of World War II.

Furthermore Prison Oranjehotel World War II is near the following sights: Cinema Pathé Scheveningen (±1,2 km), Holland Casino Scheveningen (±1,2 km), Circustheater (±1,2 km), Muzee Scheveningen (±1,3 km) & Pier of Scheveningen (±1,3 km).

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