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Dive into the world of 19th-century art at Panorama Mesdag in The Hague. This unique museum houses the famous panoramic painting by Mesdag, a masterpiece that spectacularly transports visitors back to Scheveningen in 1881.

What Can You Expect?

Visit Panorama Mesdag for a unique art experience that takes you on a journey through time. Stand face to face with the imposing panorama and be swept away by the beautiful details and historical richness of this Dutch masterpiece.

Furthermore Panorama Mesdag is near the following sights: Museum Beeld & Geluid (±100 m), Mesdag Collectie (±350 m), Peace Palace (±500 m), The Hague: Guided Sightseeing Tour by Bicycle (±800 m) & Escher in Het Paleis (±800 m).

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Zeestraat 65, Den Haag
tel. +31 703 106 665 
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