Canal Cruise The Hague - Rondvaart

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All aboard for a charming tour of The Hague's historic canals! See sights like the Royal Stables, Royal Gardens, the Old Church and important government buildings. Throughout, your seasoned Ooievaart guide will teach you all about this important Dutch city. Importantly, they'll also tell you when to duck – some of those ancient bridges get pretty low!

New to The Hague? This exclusive tour is the perfect introduction, as your expert guide keeps you entertained and informed with facts, history, and trivia about their city.

Departing from the famous Bierkade street, your traditional canal boat gives you a unique perspective of the King and Queen's city. You'll glide along its network of waterways, through tunnels, under bridges and in and out of the old and modern districts.

- An exclusive 90-minute tour throughout The Hague in a traditional canal boat
- An expert guide will keep you entertained and informed with facts, history, and trivia
- See sights like the Old Church, the Royal Stables, the Royal Gardens and important government buildings

Furthermore Canal Cruise The Hague is near the following sights: The Hague Tower: The View (±550 m), Het Binnenhof (±650 m), Mauritshuis (±750 m), Prison Gate (±750 m) & The Hague: Guided Sightseeing Tour by Bicycle (±900 m).

For information:

Rondvaart De Ooievaart
Bierkade 18b, Den haag
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